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Month: October, 2011

Apple Pie Grilled Cheese

My parents called the other day to tell me about the apple pie
a friend had made for them.
I felt a bit jealous since it seemed that their autumn was New England perfect
while mine has been dark and rainy with no sign of the sun making an appearance.

Mom had her pie with ice cream while my Dad melted a slice of cheddar cheese on his.
Mom told him it was disgusting to put cheese on pie,
to which he replied that his daughter likes her pie the same way.

Yes, I do!

Today when I saw the rain yet again, I thought I would try to capture my own little
piece of Massachusetts, and time with my parents.

Apple Pie Grilled Cheese

One small apple, peeled and sliced


Mix apple slices with 1 TBSP cinnamon sugar, 1/2 TBSP dark brown sugar
and a dash of nutmeg


Butter two slices of bread on one side, place one butter-side down on heated
frying pan. Place a real cheddar cheese slice on bread and top with apple mixture.
(Can you imagine this made with brie? Gasp! Next time…)


Top with second slice of bread and grill until golden.


Enjoy your Autumn moment…



Cinnamon Therapy

There is nothing that calms me like cinnamon toast and a cup of tea.
A friend of mine didn’t know what cinnamon toast was and I was shocked.
You simply take some sugar, add cinnamon, and sprinkle it over your toasted bread of choice.

Et voila!

I chose a Cranberry Pumpkin Seed loaf:


Heated up my frying pan and buttered one side of each slice.


Fried it butter side down in the pan until golden…

I sprinkled the toast with cinnamon sugar and sat down in my dimly lit dining room for a little quiet time.



Pure Bliss!